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The 3 Major Warning Signs of Diabetes?

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Like other types of diabetes, gestational StrictionBP Review  diabetes is a condition of a shortage of insulin. This could be cause by pregnancy hormones that interfere with its production or utilization. Women who have gestational diabetes may not experience symptoms but if left unchecked, increased glucose levels could cause complications with the pregnancy, delivery, or harm the unborn baby. These three main types of diabetes require medical attention and proper treatment to prevent serious complications from arising. 

Diabetes that is untreated could result in blindness, limb amputation, and even death. Diabetes is no longer a disease of old people. It can strike anyone at any age. Thankfully there are many effective forms of treatment available today that make it easier for those with diabetes to lead normal productive lives. Diabetes is a very common disease affecting approximately 23 million people in the United States. There are three different types of diabetes: type 1, type 2 and gestational diabetes. 

The most common is type 2 which affects close to 90 percent of those afflicted with the disease. When confronted with diabetes our community has three different options; we can work to understand the disease better, work to prevent and treat the disease or work to find a cure for diabetes. Diabetes is a disorder that affects the way the body manages blood sugar or glucose. Glucose enters the body through an individual's diet; it then makes its way through the intestinal tract where it is absorbed. Once in the blood stream, the sugar is absorbed by the cells which require the glucose to function. 



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