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China Hydraulic Press Machine factory

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Product Name:Four Column Double Action Plate Hydraulic Press
1.Brief Introduction:
Four column double action plate hydraulic press is the necessary machine for manufacturing stainless steel plates.To press one plate only takes about 10 seconds and it is very energy-saving.
2.Product Introduction:
With maximum pressure of 680 tons,the four column double action hydraulic press is specialized for pressing stainless steel plates.The whole device is very tough and it could press with huge force.Equipped with photoelectric protection device,using this machine during the procedure is very safe.Because of the frequency conversion motor and digital control system,this hydraulic press saves more than 30% energy.
3.Product Parameters:
ModelJY28 650T
Master Cylinder Nominal Edge Pressure(KN)4000
Master Cylinder Liquid Pressure(Mpa)22
Return Force(KN)480
Auxiliary Cylinder Stretch Up   Pressure(KN)2500
Auxiliary Cylinder Liquid Pressure(Mpa)22
Return Cylinder Nominal Pressure(KN)30
Maximum Stroke of Top Press Platform(mm)620
Maximum Stroke of Auxiliary Cylinder(mm)300
Maximum Stroke of Return Cylinder(mm)300
Maximum Distance between Press Platform   and Workbench(mm)1000
Minimum Distance between Press Platform   and Workbench(mm)380
Empty Load Down Speed of Press   Platform(mm/s)180
Return Speed of Press Platform(mm/s)160
Total Power of Electric Motor(KW)30
Width of Workbench(mm)1200
Length of Workbench(mm)1200
Width of Machine(mm)1960
Length of Machine(mm)1260
Height of Machine(mm)5000
Total Weight of Machine(t)30

4.Applicable Products:
5.Customers Feedback:
A.What’s the payment?
We use the One Touch of Alibaba to receive funds.
B.What’s the shipment?
Machines will be delivered by ship from Foshan.
C.How many years of guarantee you offer?
We provide one year guarantee for the hydraulic press.
D.How many types of price do you offer?
We offer ex-work price,FOB and CNF.
E.What’s the after sales service?
One engineer would be sent to customer’s factory and teach how to use the machine.

China Hydraulic Press Machine factory
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